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Donkey Kong is truly an unstoppable monster in this game. I decided I had to keep improving this run until I hit the human limit for Primate destruction. Bottom line, the Gorilla Wrecking Ball is open for business. This run is truly worthy of the Kong legacy.

Violence unmatched anywhere -

-Link - Created a new game plan here. When executed correctly, this pattern has a higher success rate of Link not doing his third jump

-Yoshi Team - Well done this time. My minimum standard is less than 19 seconds.

-Fox - Another new plan of attack. If it looks stiff, it's because it is. At first, it's kind of awkward to pull off. It almost looks like it won't work.

-Break the Targets - Meh.

-Mario Bros - Third new attack pattern. Another suggestion by UltimateDarius. It's better because it gets me on top sooner. In the No Death run, I can't use it, because I need more control in Luigi placement. The problem though, is you can accidentally knock Luigi away, like here. Luckily, Yoshi was doing exactly what I want, nothing. So I just took Luigi off the opposite side.

-Pikachu - Rerun

-Giant DK - Flawless victory. More, great ally cooperation. Please do nothing and stay out of my way.

-Board the Platforms - Business as usual

-Kirby Team - I think this round would make even the TAS community give a standing ovation

-Samus - You can never fully cooperate, can you woman? I get blasted and barely flinch, I love Donkey Kong for that. The rest is smooth.

-Metal Mario - Perfection

-Race to the Finish - Even in polygon form, Samus can't leave me alone.

-Polygon Team - Some early trouble here. For some reason, a handful were dying off the top of the screen. At least the others didn't resist much. Average time.

-Master Hand - Some tough back and forth. I refused to have another great run ended by a bad final round. I had to resist looking at the in-game clock. I just kept pounding him.

Now, I tally the round times manually as I progress. My new strategy is I take my goal time in seconds and subtract, instead of adding. That way, I know what I have left to work with after each fight. I had a chunk of time to spare after finishing and couldn't believe it. I had to watch it immediately to verify it. I was in complete astonishment that I achieved 3:01. I was shooting for sub 3:09. If it wasn't after two in the morning, I would have celebrated more.

I am now one with Donkey Kong.

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